Supply Chain Management


Nowadays, many organizations face enormous pressure to reduce costs while increasing innovation and improving customer service and responsiveness. Businessoft SCM enables collaboration, planning, execution, and coordination of the entire supply network, empowering you to adapt your supply chain processes to an ever-changing competitive environment.

Businessoft SCM is part of the Businessoft Solutions, which gives organizations the unique ability to perform their essential business processes with modular software that is designed to work with other Businessoft and non-Businessoft software. Organizations and departments in all sectors can deploy Businessoft Solutions software to address specific business challenges on their own timelines and without costly upgrades.

Businessoft SCM can help transform a linear, sequential supply chain into a responsive supply network in which communities of customer-centric, demand-driven companies share knowledge, intelligently adapt to changing market conditions, and proactively respond to shorter, less predictable life cycles. Businessoft SCM provides broad functionality for enabling responsive supply networks and integrates seamlessly with both Businessoft and non-Businessoft software. The application:

  • Delivers planning and execution functions that are integrated by design
  • Supports best practices and provides preconfigured software for enabling collaborative business, accelerating implementation, and reducing costs
  • Is recognized by key industry analysts as the market-leading SCM application

Transportation Order Management

Businessoft Transportation Order Management delivers robust transportation planning and execution capabilities to shippers and third party logistics providers. It integrates and streamlines transportation planning, execution, freight payment, and business process automation on a single application across all modes of transportation, from full truckload to complex air and ocean shipments.

Businessoft Transportation Order Management lowers transportation costs, improves customer service and asset utilization, and provides flexible, global fulfillment options. It can be used with an enterprise resource planning or legacy order management system, as well as any commercial best-of-breed or legacy warehouse management system.

Warehouse Management

Businessoft Warehouse Management automates and optimizes material handling processes to reduce labor costs, improve facility utilization, increase order accuracy and provide innovative services to customers. Businessoft Warehouse Management supports inbound, outbound, and reverse logistics, finished, raw and work in process materials, manufacturing and distribution environments and advanced value-added services such as kitting and cross docking.

Order Processing

To best serve customers, organizations are focusing more on the agility and speed of delivering products and services. The efficiency of the entire operational process chain impacts an organization's ability to serve its customers well. Operational excellence is the ability of an organization to achieve a high level of customer service, while reducing operating costs. An organization can then run its business at the speed of change with more agility, from its suppliers to its customers, no matter which changes occur in the market and in demand.

Route Planning

Routing Planning from Businessoft Technologies, known as Smart Track, is used for route optimization, analysis and scheduling aid for better logistical plans. It is sophisticated routing guide for smart carrier recommendation that could help your business save significant transportation cost and time.

Cargo Optimizer

Businessoft offers Smart Load, an optimizer tools for cargo that benefits not only transportation, logistics, distribution, packaging companies but also any company within or related to supply chain and distribution channel, including manufacturers, exporters and importers.

Cargo optimization, analysis, and loading aid for higher freight utilization

It helps you and your organization to calculate optimum solutions when loading containers, cutting lengths or sheets, and designing packaging that resulted in least cost, best packing and highest profit.

Cargo Optimizer slashes time that you take to work out the best solution to your cargo and packaging problems. It will answer following questions instantly.

  • How many packages can be loaded into a 40 foot container?
  • What is the most efficient load plan?
  • How many containers and sizes do we need for this shipment?

Cargo Optimizer handles regularly shaped containers such as ocean containers, trucks and refrigerated units. Plus it offers several advanced options a follows.

  • Loading by sequence
  • Loading by FILO (First In Last Out)
  • Multiple container sizes per shipment with no limit in container sizes
  • Multiple package sizes per shipment with no limit in package sizes
  • Manual optimization override
  • Calculate costing and cost per package being shipped
  • Calculate maximum capacity for group cargo

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