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Support and Maintenance

Q. Is there any product support available for Businessoft packaged software?
A. Yes. Businessoft updates its product on regular basis to ensure that our packaged software could meet current business requirement. Under Businessoft Subscription.

Q. Does customer really need the source code?
A. No, even customer could not do anything with our source code. Businessoft will not deliver any source code for any engagement with any customer. The fact is what actually customer need is not the source code but well defined standard operating procedure of its own business process, practice and operations.

Q. What is maintenance?
A. Maintenance is a service that we delivered to assure your software investment is worth more than what have you spent. The maintenance for software is rendered annually and known as Businessoft Subscription

Q. How much is annual maintenance cost?
A. Annual maintenance cost is measured as fixed percentage of total cost ownership.

Q. When the payment for subscription should be made to Businessoft?
A. The subscription is paid 100% on the Go Live.

Q. Will subscription increase every time customer renews its maintenance contract?
A. The maintenance cost is measured on fixed percentage but subject to inflation rate adjustment every time customer renews its maintenance contract or annually.

Q. Is there any certificate for maintenance?
A. Yes. Customer could request to your local Businessoft PIC to get certificate of maintenance. The certificate is available at USD 50 per each copy.

Q. If customer opts not to engage with Businessoft subscription in the first year after the software has been implemented, could customer engage with the maintenance for the future year?
A. Yes. However, customer has to pay all subscription cost for previous maintenance period before customer could engage with upcoming annual maintenance period.

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