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Product Feature and Technical Specification

Q. What feature and specification does embedded within Businessoft software?
A. Our software is well designed to support not only the latest technology specification, but also other business and IT aspects, such as compliance management and technical feature. We invest significantly, focusing on how we might improve our software in those areas as we believe it brings value added to our product. The standards have been defined in what we called as Businessoft Product Assurance (BSA), consist of Businessoft Compliance Management, Businessoft Technology Feature and Businessoft Technical Capability.

Q. What is Businessoft Compliance Management (BCM)?
A. Businessoft Compliance Management refers to functions and features that will benefit highly to your organization. These functions and features include:

  • Standard Navigation & Transaction Control
  • Intuitive, Sophisticated, Easy-to-Use GUI
  • Audit Trails & Access Control
  • Approval & Delegation Functionality
  • Business Process Compliance
  • Agile Data Architecture
  • Flexible Report Creation
  • Automation Functionality
  • Embedded Workflow Capabilities
  • Streamline Business Process

Q. What is Businessoft Technology Feature (BTF)?
A. Businessoft Technology Feature refers to technology platform that the Product built or support and IT architecture adopted. Following are some of BTF that we have.

  • Platform
    Development: .NET 3.5 and Microsoft Dynamics AX
    Server: Windows Server 2003 & 2008
    DBMS / Back End DB: SQL Server 2005 & 2008
    Web Server: IIS 6.0/7.0/8.0
    OS: Windows XP, Windows 7
    Virtualization: Hyper-V (server), Softgrid (application)
  • Modular architecture
  • Compatible with LDAP Directory Services
  • Pure Web Based (Active X or Applet is not required)
  • Integrated to Windows Active Directory
  • Featuring Single On
  • Easy Web Server Deployment
  • Crystal Report and Reporting Services

Q. What is Businessoft Technical Capability (BTC)?
A. Businessoft Technical Capability refers to technical capability and capacity that the Product has, such as:

  • Easy to maintain and no back end administrative task
  • Support GPS, SMS and Email Interfacing
  • Support Mobile Sales Assistant
  • Support SAP or Oracle Interfacing
  • Featuring Analog Sensormatic Interfacing
  • Featuring Digital Sensormatic Interfacing
  • Flexible Deployment
  • Deliver on Availability, Performance & Scalability Requirements

Q. Which Microsoft database is normally used within Businessoft’s Product?
A. Our Product usually uses SQL Server. Previously, our Product uses postgreSQL, mySQL and SQL Server. The interfacing to postgreSQL and mySQL is available at additional cost.

Q. What cutting edge features that Businessoft Solutions has?
A. Compared to other well known packaged solution that is quite complex and very sophisticated, Businessoft Solutions uses common tools like Visual Studio. Thus the implementation, after sales service and maintenance is relatively easy and affordable. However, this does not mean that Businessoft Solutions is not a comprehensive business solution. In contrast, Businessoft Solutions is a comprehensive business solution with cutting edge features that other solution might not have. Some of cutting edge features that Businessoft Solutions has are:

  • SmartField
  • SmartKey
  • SmartReport
  • Unlimited COA definition
  • Multifunction contact
  • Integrated analytical tools
  • Unlimited specification
  • Unlimited filter
  • Flexible listing function
  • Applied SOD (segregation of duty)
  • Unlimited approval level
  • Unmatched delegation process
  • Comprehensive audit trails
  • Easy to enhanced
  • No compilation needed

The most important cutting edge feature that Businessoft Solutions has is the ultimate user experience as Businessoft Solutions is very easy to be customized with same look and feel across all forms.

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