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Total Cost Ownership and Cost Method

Q. What is total cost ownership?
A. Total cost ownership is total investment made by customer to benefit from Businessoft product and service. Total cost ownership is the sum of software license and any enhancement during the full life cycle of solution.

Q. What is enhancement?
A. Enhancement refers to any modification or alteration or customization requested by customer. In Businessoft Project Engagement, any business process modification requested after Assessment will be charged using applicable man-day rate. Any business process modification requested after Assessment will be considered as (new) Businessoft Project Enhancement.

Q. Could all Businessoft software be enhanced?
A. Yes. We could enhance all Businessoft software package available.

Q. What is quoted amount?
A. Quoted amount is all financial number related to the cost of Businessoft product and service. The quoted amount does not include VAT. This is the reason why customer will find that the transactional price stated in the invoice is different from the quoted amount. Please see details at Comercial Term and Conditions

Q. What is the cost method adopted by Businessoft?
A. Our packaged product or solution is measured based on license basis. We use man-day basis for any service performed or delivered to customer, including, but not limited to, assessment and enhancement. Our support and maintenance is measured on fixed percentage.

Q. What is man-day rate applicable?
A. The man-day rate is available upon request. In each business region operation might have different multiplier man-day rate. Please contact business region operation for man-day rate applicable in your location.

Q. How man-day is allocated?
A. We will allocate man-day available for every Businessoft Project Engagement. Businessoft reserves the right to allocate any talent based on designated man-day.

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