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Businessoft Policy Pricing

Q.Why the price of Businessoft Products and Services is high?
A. Businessoft Products and Services could not be seen expensive or higher than others. Businessoft Products and Services are different from others. As our partners and valuable customers, you only able to have Businessoft Products and Services at Businessoft. The solution Businessoft provided can be seen similar to others but Businessoft always focuses on value added that others do not offer, or in better way, others not able to give it to you. In addition, Businessoft commits to give you a total solution at lower Total Cost Ownership compared to other solution available in the market.

Q. Is Businessoft Products and Services worth more than what our partners have to pay?
A. Absolutely. As our partners and valuable customers, you even can feel services from our heart (Smile is Heard). Businessoft will assist you to justify that Businessoft Products and Services are the right investment for your business instead of just a capital expenditure or expense. Please contact Businessoft for the financial impact statement regarding to your investment to Businessoft Products and Services. Alternatively, find more regarding Businessoft Tenfold Campaign.

Q. But, how come the pricing still costly for Customer?
A. IT geeks like diamond that could not be manufactured. It has to be found and shaped. Technology, in particular information technology, is very complex in nature. In addition, technology changes faster than before resulted in shorter product life cycle. This makes us at Businessoft experienceshigh pressures; overload tasks; and continuous jobs (hardly never able to sleep for some consecutive days).On the other hand, business is also complex in nature, In most established business, it is very hard to challenge the status quo due to organization and stakeholders comfort zone.Application is a solution tools. Developing and modifying enterprise application requires people capital with strong logical thinking, both synthetically and analytically. That is the reason why Businessoft Cost of Good Sold is higher than other industry.

Q. What quality of IT geeks Businessoft have?
A. Please see Our People.

Q. Is it easy to convince Business Owner and or Management regarding Businessoft Premium Pricing?
A. No. In fact, it can be very challenging yet frustrating efforts. Business Owner and or Management tend to see no value added in IT/IS, particularly software. They think it is expensive and unworthy expenses. In addition, Business Owner and or Management is experiencing learning curves regarding IT/IS. The situation nowadays is:

  • Very rare good candidates applying and studying IT/IS
  • Very rare IT/IS graduated talent
  • No real IT/IS school/academy/university available
  • Underpaid IT/IS professional in comparison of consultant and other industry
  • No real ISV available in Asia Pacific as existing ISV develops supporting application NOT enterprise application
  • Damaged reputation due to:
    o Existing IT/IS professional has good marketing skill in promoting himself
    o Existing IT/IS professional has only capability to install and setting up (System Integrator/Implementator) but asking premium fee or compensation
    o Unethical IT/IS professional who has praise highly in ‘hit and run’, no responsibility and commitment to finish the product and or project

Q. What learning curves that Business Owner and or Management is experiencing?
A. Following is typical learning curves that most organizations have to experience with.

  • Initially, Business Owner and or Management will not embrace in IT/IS, particularly in software, due to lot of reasons, such as: comfort zone syndrome, job insecurity and embarrassing situation possibly occurs.
  • At certain limit, usually the problem is enough, Businessoft Owner and or Management decides to engage in internal software development with limited budget. After some period, Business Owner and or Management will realize that the results are far behind from what they are expected.This is the introduction stage of learning curves.
  • Business Owner and or Management starts looking for ready product available in the market. At this stage, they realize the important of IT/IS but not yet able to value IT/IS. Soon, they are realizing that the package product is not suitable for the business and doing modification to the package product is costly, if the package product can be modified. This phase is known as learning stage.
  • The next phase is turbulence. Business Owner and or Management engages in selective outsourcing to develop the required application. But, the outcome is not always positive. The project seems never ending process, characterized by several over budget and delayed timeframe. In addition, the project consumes lot of valuable internal resources (time, effort, people, and money).At this phase, they are able to value IT/IS.
  • Now, Business Owner and or Management starts looking for ready enterprise product available in the market. However, the outcome can be frustrating due to the complexity of enterprise product and unavailability of Consultant who have experience enough to customize the product. Most Consultants are only able to implement and set the enterprise product. Moreover, the support and maintenance is costly. This phase is known as mature stage of learning curves.
  • The final phase is revival. Business Owner and or Management carefully search the real ISV who has exposure and expertise not only defining the current business needs but also able to see the unseen challenges ahead. The real ISV is required to create the right blueprint, design, build and develop, implement, and maintain the legacy of the system instead of just an application.

Q. What is the main challenge for IT/IS industry?
A. People is the main challenge for the industry. People nowadays have praise highly in instant culture. The character of current generation is totally different from previous generation that still values hard work. By having instant culture, people nowadays are willing to sacrifice others and every human value, like self-respect. The syndrome of HOMO HOMINI LUPUS colors modern society and civilization. However, Businessoft believes in SENECA. This is the legacy that Businessoft will afford at any possible cost. Businessoft is not only profit-oriented organization but also benefit-oriented organization. Please see Our Beliefs and Our Culture.

Q. Is there any other risk reflected in Businessoft Products and Services pricing?
A. Yes. Some partners will envy individual at Businessoft, especially if the individual is young and local. As our partners and valuable customers, you shall encourage any stakeholder involved to become our role model. Starting from 1 April 2010, Businessoft Compliance Team promotes an awareness campaign for both people at Businessoft and our partners, like you.

Q. How the campaign is delivered?
A. Businessoft requests people at Businessoft Solution and Technology Service Group to have following tag every time they make any correspondence internally and externally.
It is true that we are young, bold, passionate, and energetic, yet sometimes can be reckless and careless. But, it does not mean that we are inexperience, childish, or unethical. We are hardly learning to be a better person everyday and hope that someday we can be as wise and trustworthy as you. That is the reason why we are deserved to have chance to be heard.

Q. Why most people work at Businessoft are young?
A. Existing IT/IS professional comes from previous era. It is hard to change the mindset of these professionals as they have individual preferences that hardly to be changed. Although, these professionals have experience enough in the project but we cannot guarantee the outcome. It is hard to find good IT/IS professionals who are willing to work under tight schedule. Businessoft believes there is a changing landscape in IT/IS industry. Since technology also changes faster than before, the right people to embrace the latest technology are young people. They are bold, passionate and energetic. Since they are also fresh graduates, Businessoft able to lead them in the right way, emphasizing in responsibility and consequences comes from their action in order to make them have commitment to finish the product and or project taken. Besides, how we can challenges the status quo if we cannot have out of box thinking. The best way to have out of the box thinking is by having out of the box people. In this case is the young and daring people.

Q. How to guarantee that those young people have capability to execute a project?
A. Businessoft promotes ‘Ready to Be Assigned’ as engagement team must have at least of 5,000 hours of quality work. That is why at Businessoft, we never look people by his age.

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