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Businessoft Project Engagement and Businessoft Product Engagement

Q. What is Businessoft Project Engagement?
A. BPE refers to any project that Businessoft engage with customer. It reflects our standard and general engagement practice to ensure that all services delivered able to meet customer’s expectation.

Q. What is Businessoft Software Engagement?
A. BSE is a comprehensive IT project, covering the full life cycle of IT solution, including Assessment, Development, Implementation, and Go Live. BSE is only applied for customized software development.

Q. Does modification required to Businessoft package solution considered as BSE?
A. Yes. Any modification required to our package solution will be considered as BSE. Customer is required to purchase the license for the package solution and enhancement service that will be charged based on manday.

Q. What is kick-off meeting?
A. Before undertaking any project engagement, our standard requires us to complete work plan identifying task and action necessary to accomplish the project objective and goal. A properly prepared and executed work plan will assist team in establishing realistic target date, monitoring system to coordinate work sub task, managing Businessoft and customer resources, and deciding the right management tools and techniques to ensure project successfulness. This vital activity is covered on the kick-off meeting, the initial meeting held on the first day project engagement. Businessoft team consists of Businessoft PIC, Project Advisor and Project Leader.

Q. What is Businessoft PIC?
A. Businessoft PIC or Person-In-Charge is responsible to any project engagement or any business relationship between Businessoft and customer. Businessoft PIC is not a Project Leader.

Q. What is Project Leader?
A. Project Leader is a person or officer who is accountable and responsible to lead and monitor any project conducted. Project Leader must provide leadership to the team.

Q. What is Project Advisor?
A. Project Advisor is a person or officer who is accountable that all project or service engagement taken in compliance with Businessoft Quality Assurance (BQA).

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