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About Businessoft and Solution Offering

Q. Who is Businessoft?
A. Businessoft delivers business specific solution and software for enterprising organizations. We are providing strategic consulting and solution at the intersection of business and information technology. With experience built in, Businessoft’s solution enables business of all industries to be more enterprising and adapt to the rapid changes of a global marketplace. With our passion and commitment to envision the enterprising business solution, Businessoft is changing what business could expect from an enterprise software provider or a consultancy business.

Q. What business consultancy and advisory provided by Businessoft?
A. Businessoft Consultant and Advisory provides strategic insights and recommendations that address your critical business challenges and capitalize on novel opportunities and idea. Our consulting services could help your business to:

  • Anticipate changes in industry
  • Prioritize strategic and operational alternatives for action
  • Formulate road maps for performance improvement
  • Determine the best metrics to identify success
  • Quantify the expected return on business investment
  • Identify and craft business process to initiate software development

Q. What business area that Businessoft consultancy and advisory offers?
A. Our consultancy and advisory service is available for following area:

  • Business Process Consultancy
  • Information System Advisory
  • Financial Management and Corporate Finance
  • System Compliance and Valuation
  • Assessment, including Risk Management
  • Strategic Information System Planning
  • Project Management and Implementation
  • Business Process Improvement (BPI)
  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
  • Business Modeling with Quantitative Approach

Q. What IT solution and service provided by Businessoft?
A. Businessoft has end-to-end IT solution and service, including IT consultation and service (SISP), application development, IT maintenance and support, and comprehensive package solution. We also deliver comprehensive business solution for enterprise and business solution that available in some versions: Businessoft Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics, VertApp, First Solution, and Autosoft. Businessoft also offers powerful development tools for ISVs, IT departments, and developers.

Q. What acknowledgment Businessoft has?
A. Businessoft is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Advance Infrastructure Solution and Microsoft Dynamics AX. Businessoft is the only Microsoft ISV Partner in SCM and the first Microsoft Partner in the world applying Virtualization in its application solutions.Businessoft is also a Cisco Business Partner.

Q. What competitive advantage that Businessoft has compared to other IT solution provider?
A. Businessoft employs the right talent, not just the best talent, to deliver the right solution to our valuable customer. We have our engagement standard for talent recruitment, training and development, and project engagement to ensure the service delivered to our valuable customer has value added that could bring a smile to our valuable customer. Our dedicated and experienced talent holds Microsoft recognition, such as MCP, MCT, MCSD, MCAD, MCTS for SQL Server, and MCTS for MDOP. In 2008 Microsoft awarded MCLC, one of the most valuable recognition; making Businessoft the first Microsoft Partner in Asia Pacific has such prestigious acknowledgement.

Q. How our services might benefit customer business?
A. Typically, we have found that organizations obtain the greatest value by using our services in:

  • Systems Architecture and Planning
    Helping develop the technical and applications architectures, or frameworks, for distributed computing including client-server, workflow applications, internet or intranet publishing, and applications development, together with comprehensive plans for implementation.
  • Proof of Concept
    Helping organizations design, build and/or implement their first distributed systems within this architectural framework to “prove the concept” and to enable their staff to build up expertise and confidence in the new technology.
  • Infrastructure Planning, Design and Implementation
    Helping organizations mitigate risk in the planning, design and implementation of large infrastructure projects in heterogeneous information technology environments.

Q. Compared to other well known software package that has strong track record, what track record does Businessoft software have?
A. Strong track record should not be one of your criteria in deciding the right software for your business. Each project engagement has different kind of challenges and the people engages with the project is never be the same. Many large enterprise fail in implementating well known software packaged although has spent a significant amount of money. Track record is never being the critical success factor of a software implementation in any organization.

Q. What is Businessoft Business Assurance (BBA)?
A. Businessoft Business Assurance (BBA) is our commitment to support proof of concepting (POC) of Businessoft Solutions, minimizing the risk exposed to your organization. It is money back guarantee scheme for any approved customer who purchases EBS.

Q. Why Businessoft takes risk to offer BBA to customer?
A. No. There is no risk for Businessoft by offering BBA to customer who purchases EBS as we believe and confidence that the solution offered, including the implementation service, will not make our customer disappointed.

Q. Is there any requirement for customer who purchases EBS to apply BBA?
A. Yes. For further terms and conditions, please email your inquiry to partners@businessoft-indonesia.com

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