Enterprise Resource Planning

With our ERP, either Businessoft Solutions or Microsoft Dynamics, your company can improve the strategic alignment and efficiencies of financial, human capital, and operational processes. With enhanced enterprise productivity and insight from the Businessoft Solutions ERP application, you have the power needed to adapt quickly and cost effectively to changing business, market, and industry requirements with ERP solutions that include:


The Businessoft Solutions ERP Financial is a comprehensive financial management solution engineered for the most complex, multinational companies across a broad range of industries. As the leading enterprise software solution in local market, Businessoft Solutions ERP Financials enables companies like yours to thrive in a business environment characterized by intensified competition, uncertain market conditions, and increased regulatory oversight.

A seamlessly integrated solution, Businessoft Solutions ERP Financials combines core accounting and reporting capabilities with financial supply chain, treasury, compliance, and performance management applications. These applications help you streamline finance business processes, reduce operating costs, manage risk, ensure compliance, and provide robust and timely business insight.

Supporting a broad range of industry-specific processes, Businessoft Solutions ERP Financial's scalable and open architecture can help extend your existing financial system investments. You can transform your finance organization into a strategic business partner one that provides critical business insight and helps drive higher performance and increased shareholder value.

Businessoft Solutions ERP Financials offers a unique advantage through market-leading financial management applications that enable your company to become a best-run business and extend finance processes to encompass customers, suppliers, and financial institutions to optimize your financial value chain.

Human Capital

Businessoft ERP Human Capital Management is a comprehensive, integrated human resources management solution that delivers unmatched global capability. Businessoft ERP HCM gives organizations in all industries worldwide the tools needed to manage their most important asset: people. The solution equips executives, human resources (HR) professionals, and line managers to hire the best talent, as well as train and cultivate the skills of their workforce.

Businessoft ERP Human Capital Management is an internet-based application that serves as a hub for all your people-related activities, including communication, people capital development, measurement, compensation, and benefit. Whether you operate in the private or the public sector, Businessoft ERP Human Capital Management allows you to adopt structured approaches to attracting, retaining, developing and using the critical skills and knowledge needed to optimize the workforce.

Using Businessoft ERP Human Capital Management for all talent management processes, your organization can more readily understand where your workforce's talents lie and align the goals of your employees with your organization's overarching business strategy. Using real-time insight into the workforce, your organization can benefit fully from human resources strategies and programs and measure your workforce's contributions to the bottom line.

Integrate and Streamline Your Human Resources Processes
Businessoft ERP Human Capital Management enables automation of core HR processes, such as employee administration, payroll, and legal reporting, increases efficiency and supports compliance with changing global and local regulations. It helps organizations like yours to increase their performance with an efficient, committed, and motivated workforce. With integrated building blocks and an unmatched partner ecosystem, the solution supports shared services and business process outsourcing reducing cost and risk for organizations.

Key Benefits
  • Automate Key Processes
    Leverage workflow and internet-based processes to speed and optimize recruitment, hiring, budgeting, compensation, termination, performance, skills, collective agreements, and more. Perform rules-based human resources budget control.
  • Get a Single Source of Truth
    Maintain single human resources data in a single instance for better availability and accuracy of information, with a single repository of employee data.
  • Manage Total Compensation
    Attract and retain with the right combination of salary and benefits. Set limits and warnings. Control budgets by department, position, or role. Deploy absence and termination policies.
  • Locate and Manage Talent Locally and Globally
    Manage recruitment, hiring, and deployment on a global basis and address local country requirements at the same time. Manage address information, currency, data formats, banking details, and payment methods for any country. Conduct competency profiling and management.

Order Processing

To best serve customers, organizations are focusing more on the agility and speed of delivering products and services. The efficiency of the entire operational process chain impacts an organization's ability to serve its customers well. Operational excellence is the ability of an organization to achieve a high level of customer service, while reducing operating costs. An organization can then run its business at the speed of change with more agility, from its suppliers to its customers, no matter which changes occur in the market and in demand.

For many organizations, the Businessoft ERP Order Processing has become the software backbone that contributes to excellent performance supporting end-to-end operational processes in all key areas: procurement and logistics execution, product development and manufacturing, and sales and service. This excellence is a culmination of Businessoft Consulting Group's experience over more than 20 years, with hundreds of successful customers in more than 5 industries.

With Businessoft ERP Order Processing, your organization can realize its full efficiency and cost-effectiveness potential. With smoother day-to-day operations, you can maximize your profitability, free up resources and budget so that you can invest more in innovation. Gaining competitive advantage, you can look toward the future, and operate as a best-run business over the long term.
With Businessoft ERP Order Processing, you can:

  • Automate and streamline operational processes with greater adaptability. 
  • Increase productivity in your operations with a role-based solution and centralized information.
  • Extend collaboration to all value chain partners.
  • Improve operations performance with strategic business insight.

More than ever, in today's challenging business environment, best-run companies are staying focused on their most valuable assets their customers. Companies seek to retain their best customers and maximize the effectiveness of every customer interaction whether it's sales, service, or marketing.

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