Advisory Team

Johannes Dicky
Johannes Dicky, S.T, MBA, MCP, MCTS is the founder Businessoft Consulting Group and currently serves as Group Chief Executive Officer, and Head of Businessoft Advisory Committee. He received a MBA from Monash University (Australia) and participated in Boston Consulting Group Regional Competition in 2004 (Australia). He has a deep personal commitment to finance, which currently involved in CFA and CPA program. His area of expertise is strategic corporate finance, corporate strategic management, business process restructuring, data analysis, statistics, and information technology. He has acted as consultant and hold management position to some corporations since 2003.

Ikin Solihin
Ikin Solihin, S.T, MBA, FRM is the Businessoft Advisory Head in Corporate Finance and Risk Management. He received his MBA degree from Monash University (Australia). He has profound interest in finance, and risk management. He has acted as senior executive management in some financial institutions. Currently, he is the Vice President Corporate Finance for Businessoft Consulting Group. He is also responsible for the development of finance management system and ERP for multi finance institutions.

Dionision Julian Briones De Gala
Dionision Julian Briones De Gala, B.Sc, CPA, CIA, FRM, CISA received his bachelor degree from De Lasalle University (Philippines) and a member of some respected professional association, including Information System Audit and Control Association, Global Association of Risk Professionals, The Institute of Internal Auditors, Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountant, and Indonesia Investment and Finance Network. He has a personal interest in finance, accounting, management cost control and risk management, corporate compliance and governance, audit, and information system. He has acted as consultant and hold management position to some corporations since 1998. Mr. De Gala also a founding chairman of Universal Painters Movement that focus on humanitarian and peace advocate.

Yuddy Hendranata
Yuddy Hendranata, S.E., Ak, MBA, CMA is the Business Specialist in Corporate Finance and Accounting. He received his bachelor degree from University of Indonesia (Indonesia) and his MBA from Monash University (Australia). His area of expertise is assets and investment valuation, merger and acquisition and management accounting. He has been actively participating in international finance and accounting industry including workshop on usage of ADB’s LIBOR-based loan product and CFA program. He has maintained an active license to practice as a certified accountant since 2001.

Aman Suyanto
Aman Suyanto, B.Eng received his degree from Stanfford Shire Univeristy (UK) with a concentration in Information Technology. He has been involved in supply chain activities since 1995. He has acted as a senior executive management in some corporations in the supply chain industry since 1997. This work experience has enabled him to bring real-world know-how in developing system for enterprise resource planning and supply chain management. He currently serves as Chief Operating Officer for Businessoft Corporation.

Shardy Diamantia
Shardy Diamantia, S.Kom, MCLC, MCT, MCSD, MCAD, MCT, MCP serves as Technical Consultant under Advanced Business Solution Group and a member of Business Advisory Committee. He has a deep interest in technology appliance and automation. He has involved in numerous Businessoft system and product development and acted as Project Manager in some major projects. He is also a member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), IEEE Computer Society, and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).

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